What’s a hair stick?
It’s a handy, quick way to put your hair up without using hair ties or barrettes.

How do I wear hair sticks?
Here’s a handy video where I talk you through putting your hair up with one or two sticks! There’s also a few gifs on this site, plus a couple other how-to videos on my fb.

Can I wear one instead of two?
Sure! You can wear one, two, three–I’ve seen some people wear eight at a time. I personally prefer two because I feel like it holds better. 

Is my hair long enough to wear hair sticks?
Maybe! Usually, if you have enough hair to make a twisty bun, you have enough to wear hair sticks. Sometimes people with shorter hair can wear them as part of a french twist; sometimes people with really thick hair need their hair to be past shoulder length to stay up properly. (And sometimes we cheat, and use a hair tie to help hold things together anyway!) If worse comes to worse, hit me up via email or facebook message (facebook message gets the fastest response, since it consistently sends me notifications on my phone) and we’ll figure it out together.

Do you do customs or rush orders? I need this thing in this color/color combo, by this date.
I do customs, and my turnover time is usually within 48 hours. If I’m at a show or there’s a weekend or holiday, that timeline may bump up a few days.